The Enthusiasm For Big Tech Has Turned to Fear and Loathing

Oh how the mighty are fallen.

It has been interesting to see how out of favour the once beloved tech giants now are. Just a quick search of “Mark Zuckerberg” in Google News today immediately yields critical headlines in two influential newspapers. A piece in The New York Times says, “Hey, Mark Zuckerberg: My Democracy Isn’t Your Laboratory”, and, in the FT, the columnist Edward Luce writes, “The Zuckerberg Delusion: The co-founder of Facebook might be a digital superstar, but he has poor human skills”. Read More…

The Politics of Unfriending Someone on Facebook

It’s a sign of how blurred the lines between our online and offline lives have become when a “real-life” disagreement over politics results in being unfriended on Facebook.

That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. An acquaintance with whom I’d mildly (or so I thought) clashed with about feminism, whilst we were out for a few drinks, later went and removed me from their friends list on Facebook. I was a little bemused to have been unpersoned in this way because it wasn’t like we’d had a blazing row and I wasn’t rude to them at all. We had simply disagreed. Read More…