South Africa Is Not Your Cautionary Tale

On this episode of The Imagine Athena Podcast, Candice Holdsworth and contributing editor Robin Gilbert Jones discuss the recent Land Reform Bill, which is currently making its way through the South African parliament. The bill calls for expropriation of land without compensation, a policy that would be ruinous for the South African economy.

South Africa does have problems of historic inequality that need to be addressed, people are still suffering from the legacy of Apartheid, but this is not the route to go down. Land reform of this kind has never worked in any country that has tried it.

They also discuss how South African politics is misrepresented in the international press on both ends of the political spectrum, left and right. British journalist Katie Hopkins’s recent sojourn in South Africa being a case in point. Robin and Candice are dual nationals and have spent their lives living between South Africa and England and have lots of bitter personal experience dealing with misperceptions of South Africa.

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    Sorry, but I’m afraid this is a very poor analysis of a very serious situation in South Africa. If the situation with farmers had not been ignored for years and years – including by yourselves on this site btw, then people like L.S. and K.H would never have gotten the audience they are getting now. Although, as far as I know you have claimed to be conservative libertarians, I would say that it is clear now that you are in fact liberals – and no mention of the actual plight of the farmers – distinct lack of empathy there. Even Garg Unzula has commented on the side of the farmers on some SA forums. Where have you been when all this has been brewing?

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