Stephen Hawking and the Poetry of Science


In this episode of The Imagine Athena Podcast, Candice Holdsworth speaks with Robin Gilbert Jones, contributing editor to Imagine Athena. They discuss the legacy of the late Stephen Hawking who passed away this week. He will be remembered not just for his scientific discoveries, which were immense, but also the courageous struggle he waged against his physical disability.

They also discuss how he represented the noble pursuit of objective truth in a time when people believe truth to be relative, or determined by whoever has the most power. These paranoid notions are regressive and disempowering. The very opposite of Hawking, who, in his career as a public figure, taught science to the public and tried to inspire them with the joy of discovery. He didn’t tell them they were the victims of some vast, dark conspiracy against them, but part of the magnificence and mystery of the Universe.

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South Africa Is Not Your Cautionary Tale

On this episode of The Imagine Athena Podcast, Candice Holdsworth and contributing editor Robin Gilbert Jones discuss the recent Land Reform Bill, which is currently making its way through the South African parliament. The bill calls for expropriation of land without compensation, a policy that would be ruinous for the South African economy.

South Africa does have problems of historic inequality that need to be addressed, people are still suffering from the legacy of Apartheid, but this is not the route to go down. Land reform of this kind has never worked in any country that has tried it.

They also discuss how South African politics is misrepresented in the international press on both ends of the political spectrum, left and right. British journalist Katie Hopkins’s recent sojourn in South Africa being a case in point. Robin and Candice are dual nationals and have spent their lives living between South Africa and England and have lots of bitter personal experience dealing with misperceptions of South Africa.

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Who is Winning the Culture War in 2018?

In the latest episode of The Imagine Athena Podcast, Candice Holdsworth speaks to Robin Gilbert-Jones about the political outlook for 2018. Between May and Corbyn who is winning the battle of ideas? Is May presenting a strong enough vision for Brexit?

They also discuss the cultural watershed Jordan Peterson interview on Channel 4 news. Does Peterson represent a new and distinct pushback against identitarians on both the right and the left?

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Best Of The Web November 22 2017

Paperchase turned to mush by pious Stop Funding Hate campaign by Iain Martin in Reaction

Sarah Baxter, Deputy Editor of The  Sunday Times was also brilliant on this on Tuesday’s Newsnight.

Available for a few weeks only- the antidote to the stupid, trivial film ‘The Death of Stalin’ by Peter Hitchens on his blog

Also check out his radio interview on this subject here.

Politics is now a digital arms race, and Labour is winning by Robert Peston in The Spectator

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