The Best of Imagine Athena 2016

A selection of some of our best articles of 2016:


Disagreement Is Not Violence

melissa click mizzou

This brilliant piece by Robin Gilbert-Jones touched on one of the seminal issues of our time: political difference and how to tolerate it. Too often, a mere divergence of opinion is characterized as “violence” by moral absolutists who seek to shut down discussion and avoid opposition.

Quote: “In subsequent years we have seen this word often stretched so etymologically thin as to be stripped of all meaning. It is quite a feat to achieve that with a word as concretely rooted in physical action, cause and effect as “violence”. This is often achieved by prefixing it with some silly adjective like “socioeconomic” or “rhetorical”. The reason this is inherently dangerous is that if you can redefine anything you don’t like as being a form of violence, it justifies pretty much any disproportionate response. Violence is usually considered the last straw, the point at which all bets are off and any means necessary can be justified in defence. It also risks stripping real violence of any intrinsic meaning and blurring the usually very distinct line between violent and non-violent actions.

A Bully Pretends To Be Offended Whilst She Berates A Taxi Driver

annelise nielsen

This story saw the intersection of all the worst elements of the regressive Left: racialism, faux outrage, political intolerance, and sheer childish pettiness.

A shrill SJW by the name of Annaliese Nielsen attained online infamy when she recorded a video of herself  drunkenly berating a Lyft driver because he had a Hawaiian “bobble-head” doll on the dashboard of his car. It’s not clear how the video first emerged, but after being shared on Youtube, Nielsen received an enormous amount of negative attention for her bullying behavior.

Quote: “Like a true cry-bully she acted as if she was the victim, rather than the aggressor. This is not serious political criticism. It is the juvenile politics of the playground.

Political Correctness Is Not Good Manners 

political correctness

Don’t be fooled into believing that to be politically correct is to be a nice person.

Quote: “PC is far more pernicious. It is a form of control that fosters ideological conformity through the imposition of speech codes.

The Horizon Still Beckons

nasa visions of the future

Imagine Athena focuses a great deal on analyzing various forms of social regressivism. We have published many insightful pieces that deconstruct this phenomenon and its corrosive effect on civilisation and culture. The reason we do this is because we have other ideals that we wish to defend such as beauty, wonder, intellect and invention. In The Horizon Still Beckons, Robin Gilbert-Jones reminds us of this in a wonderful piece about exploration of the Universe.

Quote: “The reason I write about these things is not because I believe in the inherent ugliness of the human race, but because I believe its inherent beauty, virtue and nobility are worth defending. Our future can be a bright one if we are determined enough. As I discussed in a previous piece on the necessity of investing in space travel, we are the only species that we know of in the universe capable of art, science and philosophy. There may be others out there, but until we see the evidence of them we have to work on the assumption that we are the only ones and that we have an obligation to survive, progress and thrive. The universe, as Alan Watts once said, dreams through our dreams.