Identity Politics Is Poison

Earlier this week a deeply unpleasant video emerged, which showed a group of white nationalists praising Donald Trump whilst throwing nazi salutes.

It serves as an ugly reminder of just how awful racialised politics is. We live in an era in which identity politics is ascendant. It dominates public discourse. From both ends of the political spectrum we get victimhood narratives and identity obsession, with one side fuelling the other.

It is very important that we move beyond the divisive and damaging politics of polarization.

When you try to play the game of identity politics, no one wins. You just leave a toxic legacy for future generations to have to deal with.

For those of us who are opposed to political correctness, language policing and identity politics, we cannot – in the words of Christopher Hitchens – allow the extremist tail to wag the whole dog.

The solution to poisonous identity politics is not more identity politics.

Let’s hope, instead, for an outbreak of common sense.

In this week’s Imagine Athena podcast Candice Holdsworth spoke to Robin Gilbert-Jones, contributing editor to Imagine Athena, about the identity politics of the Regressive Left in the time of Donald Trump, and she also reflects on the identity politics of the far right.



Why I’m Happy Trump Won

On the Imagine Athena podcast we interviewed five different people, from all over the world, who are pleased that Donald Trump won the US election.

Not all of them would have necessarily voted for him and their reasons varied, but the one common theme that did emerge is that they felt his victory to be a powerful strike against the Regressive Left, so-called “social justice” and identity politics. You may disagree with them, but it’s important that you listen to what they have to say


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Interview With Cathy Young

In the Imagine Athena podcast we interview the well-known American political journalist Cathy Young. We discuss antisemitic memes and how the political correctness, intolerance and identity politics of the regressive Left is giving rise to the new identity politics of the Right. We also talk about the US election and Young argues that now more than ever we need to stand up for free expression and individual liberty.




This Is A Period Of Significant Political Reformation


Political parties are supposed to represent the values of the people not dictate them.

The long overdue estrangement of the working classes, in Britain, America and other European countries, from the Left/Liberal parties that historically claimed to represent them, shows just how long it can take for the electorate to fully realise this.

We are living through a period of significant political reformation. Right now, growing distrust of political elites is fuelling anti-establishment movements all over the western world. The so-called “centre-ground” is being stretched to breaking point by insurgents pulling hard from both the right and the left. Read More…

The Working Classes Are Backing The Insurgent Right

that bigoted woman

I was going to write something about how the working classes in the West are now backing the insurgent, populist parties of the Right, led by men such as Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Norbert Hofer, after years of having been neglected by the Left/Liberal elites who took their support for granted.

I see, however, that Ed West has already covered the subject well in The Spectator. He says, “Will the last working-class centre-Left voter in Europe switch off the light?” Check it out here. Read More…