Top Dissident Academics

It is common knowledge just how widespread intolerance and anti-intellectual groupthink has become on university campuses. One of the most worrying things about this phenomenon is how it is aided and abetted by academics and university lecturers, whether by their active encouragement or conspicuous silence.

There are, however a few who have risked their careers to speak out against political correctness on campus. I’ve put together a short list of some of the most well known ones: Read More…

The Top Five Dissident Feminists

Though I wouldn’t describe myself as a “dissident feminist”, I have certainly found the work of these self-described “dissident feminists” and critics of feminism to be very insightful and informative.

Though each has a specific critique of aspects of modern feminism, some have chosen to remain within the movement, which they have attempted to reform and reclaim. Read More…

Camille Paglia Laments the Loss of Aesthetics in Art

In this excellent talk at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, the cultural critic Camille Paglia speaks very candidly about the loss of aesthetic appreciation in contemporary art, which she attributes to the import of political ideologies that prize semantics over image-making.

Imagine Athena‘s Robin Gilbert-Jones made the exact same point in Art Has Ceased To Matter where he argued that, “the physical dexterity and creative instinct of the artist (is) passed over in favour of conceptual pomposities.”

(Click the image below to view the video on the Skirball’s website.)

Camille Paglia

Featured Image Credit: Imagine Athena Banner. Art by Imagine Athena