Who Are The Fascists Here?

The so-called “anti-fascists” are unable to see beyond their own professed beliefs to how their behaviour actually comes across.

Last weekend, during the Trump inauguration in Washington D.C., nearly a million demonstrators descended on America’s capital city to protest the election of Donald Trump. This included the very well attended “Women’s March”, which was, for the most part, peaceful and well organized. Even if one disagreed with their reasons for taking to the streets, it has to be recognized that there was absolutely nothing sinister or ominous about it all. It was people expressing strongly held political beliefs in a perfectly legitimate way.

The same cannot be said for many within the “Antifa” or “Black Bloc” movement, also in attendance, who, storming along with their matching black outfits, flags and masked faces, smashing windows, cars and setting fires, appear just as intolerant as anything which they claim to oppose.

They behaved in exactly the same way during the 2010 students fees protests in Britain, injecting a fascistic strain of violence into normal democratic proceedings.

It is the fascist who responds to an utterance with an authoritarian fist and who engages in desecration rather than discourse.