Theresa and Trump Are Gambling With The Support Of Their Bases

As a natural optimist, I sometimes wonder if it is wiser to be more pessimistic. Especially when it comes to politics.

Though, I am still not sure whether that means expecting that anything bad could happen or that few good things can.

One lesson I have learned well is not to put too much faith in the promises of politicians. Anyone who does will be disappointed, as they are bound to break them. Read More…

Why Did Conventional Wisdom Get Trump and Brexit So Wrong?

Candice Holdsworth speaks to Thor Holt of the Write With Courage podcast. They discussed why the mainstream media got two of the biggest political events of our time – Trump and Brexit – so very wrong.

Many are now saying that the mainstream media is slowly dying. What will replace it?

Facebook, for instance, is beginning to increasingly dominate content production online. Thor makes some very salient points about why that should concern us.

After 2016, Does Left and Right Mean Anything Anymore?

2016: It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

Depending where you fall on the political spectrum. And it would be easy to describe this purely in terms of the left/right dichotomy. But the political events of 2016 have actually showed just how uninformative the terms “left” and “right” even are.

They obscure the true nature of certain political positions and can, in fact, be deeply misleading, hiding genuine differences as well as convergence between people on the so-called “same side” or even opposing sides. Read More…