On Netflix Now: Mitt (2014)

On Netflix Now Mitt

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Continued from Caucus.

Director, Greg Whiteley got very close to the Romney family whilst they were on the punishing campaign trial in 2008 and 2012. It was perhaps the first real introduction to Mitt Romney “the man”, which could not have contrasted more sharply with his austere public image. In Mitt he comes across as warm, personable and dutiful. Though that may not have been a surprise to his supporters, for others it was. In an interview about the film, Whiteley describes how taken aback his producers were at how much they liked Romney, they had assumed he was as cold, brittle and out of touch as he has been depicted in the presidential campaign.

The film does not really get to grips with the nitty gritty of Romney’s politics and it wouldn’t be unfair to surmise that perhaps Whiteley might have gotten too close to the Romney family and not been as critical as he could have been.

That is certainly something to bear in mind, but, even so, both Mitt and Caucus engage on a refreshing and human level with some of the most important political figures of our time.

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