If Ryan Gosling Had Stayed Home To Support Eva Mendes He’d Be Hailed As “Progressive”

At the Golden Globes this year, award-winner Ryan Gosling took the time during his acceptance speech to thank his wife Eva Mendes (who, sadly, recently lost her brother to cancer) for supporting him whilst he was making La La Land. He also dedicated the award to his late brother-in-law.  It was an honest and heartfelt tribute that really resonated with most people. He said:

While I was singing and dancing and playing piano and having one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a film, my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer. If she hadn’t taken all of that on so I could have this experience, it would surely be someone else up here other than me today, so, sweetheart, thank you,” he continued. “To my daughters, Amada and Esmeralda, I love you. If I may, I’d like to dedicate this to the memory of her brother, Juan Carlos Mendes.”

Of course, however, a feminist writing in the The Independent had to pour cold water all over it by labelling Gosling’s speech as “sexist”. Narjas Zatat wrote, “Gosling’s speech runs uncomfortably close to the old adage “behind every great man is a great woman”. No, she’s not behind you: she’s standing right next to you, and maybe you should tell the audience next time that you’ll be home to help out more.”

Feminism of this kind imagines everything as a zero sum game between men and women. As Imagine Athena contributor Alexander Barahona said on Facebook, “If he was at home and she did this speech he’d be hailed as a paragon of progressiveness.”