On Netflix Now: Democrats

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“To be called a sellout in Zimbabwe is to be condemned to death.”

This simple, matter of fact observation in the political documentary Democrats makes crystal clear the brute forces that govern politics in the troubled southern African country.

The 2014 film, which was directed by Camilla Nielsson, chronicles the drafting of a new Zimbabwean Constitution in 2008 and all the menace and corruption that governed the process. Read More…

On Netflix Now: The Immortalists

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A few months ago I witnessed a sight poetic in its incongruity: the gym I had just joined was next to an overgrown cemetery. It was a tragi-comic juxtaposition. How desperately we strive to defeat the forces of entropy, which, despite, all our best efforts, will defeat us in the end.

For anti-ageing biologists, Aubrey De Grey and Bill Andrews, however, that is simply a pessimistic attitude, and the two scientists have thus far dedicated most of their healthy, living years to beating death…

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On Netflix Now: Moving Art


There is no particular narrative to the Moving Art (2014) series, other than the grand narrative that sustains all life in the known Universe.

Moving Art serenely observes these phenomena in four exquisite short films entitled: Oceans, Deserts, Forests, and Flowers.

The concept is simple, but deeply moving. Each film contains spectacular footage of the natural world set to instrumental music, shot in various locations, all over America.

It truly is a Zen experience, and I highly recommend watching this if you are in an anxious or stressful mood. The pure, sumptuous beauty of Moving Art will soothe those troubled feelings…

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 Featured Image Credit: Orchid (2014) by Candice Holdsworth

All United In Solitude: Joanna Hogg’s Filmography, On Netflix Now

Joanna Hogg’s directorial gaze shifts elegantly from aloof and clinical to warm and empathic, in seamless moments of insight and clarity.

It is as though the characters of her films are objects of scientific study and the audience is invited to consider and examine them in detail.

Yet in the kindest possible way, though her cool, ponderous camera work creates the effect of observing its human subjects as if from an intellectual distance, we regard them lovingly, empathising with them and recognising our own fragility in their struggles…

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On Netflix Now: Caucus (2013)

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If you’re interested in politics, there are two excellent films on Netflix which explore the recent political history of the United States.

On Netflix Now is a new series, which reviews dramatic feature films and documentaries currently on Netflix.

Caucus (2013) covers the 2011 Republican Primary in Iowa, and Mitt (2014) follows former US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in 2008 and 2012.

Both films present a somewhat more authentic portrait of the political hopefuls than the crude caricatures of conservative candidates that are common in the media.

Names like Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich will be familiar to political junkies who kept abreast of events during the political season of 2011.

Your political affiliations (if you have any) will have largely determined your perception of these seemingly larger than life Republicans: entertaining to some, absurd to others.

Santorum, in particular, attracted a great deal of criticism from his political opponents over comments he made about gay marriage and abortion.

To those of a more liberal persuasion, and even moderate conservatives, Santorum seemed like a cartoon character, a comical, exaggerated version of right-wing fundamentalism.

Prior to the Iowa Primary, he was also a complete outlier, the least popular candidate and the most poorly funded.

In Caucus, however, he emerges triumphantly, as the very embodiment of dogged determination. Though much teased about his initial unpopularity, by the end of the campaign he had leapfrogged over his more favoured competitors – Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich, all of whom burned brightly but briefly – to finish a close second to Mitt Romney.

Even if you disagree with everything he stands for, Santorum certainly teaches a valuable lesson in consistency and indefatigability.

The actual winner of the 2011 Republican primaries, Mitt Romney, is profiled in the 2014 Netflix Original, Mitt... (read more)

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