After Manchester Something Must Be Done? But What?

Something must be done.

After the massacre in Manchester this is all I have heard. Only problem is no one has said precisely what.

Two months after the rampage in Westminster, people seem determined not to let incidents of this kind become the new normal. But all the subsequent calls to action seem strangely impotent.

People look to politicians for solutions, but they provide little reassurance, other than simple platitudes. In an interview on BBC Newsnight, Andy Burnham, the newly elected mayor of Manchester, looked rattled and unsure what to say.

Campaigning for the election will resume tomorrow after being suspended for nearly a week. Only UKIP, a much diminished force in British politics, seemed determined to press forward with that.

Politics has now taken on a air of unreality. I have observed mile long comment threads unfold on social media with people of disparate perspectives becoming incredibly emotional. Lots of talk and talk of action.

But soon the comment threads will fall silent and the news headlines will move on. And the frantic question of what is to be done will remain unanswered.