This Is A Great Debate About Masculinity and Men’s Issues

This is a really great discussion about “masculinity” and  “men’s issues”. This subject can get quite heated quickly, but this particular discussion was intense without getting nasty (for the most part). They disagreed with each other and listened too. It also represented a broad spectrum of views which made for a good adversarial debate. I highly recommend it:





Why Is There A Media Consensus That Women Are Oppressed?

In as much as it is animated by a desire for bona fide neutral coverage, recent debates about broadcast media impartiality are welcome. But one theme which, it seems, no one has started to talk about is how impartial broadcasters are vis-à-vis gender matters, though the subject is a vital one. It can often seem as though inadequate thought has been put into what impartiality in this domain means.

Despite differences between them, a large number of mainstream feminists agree that women in the West live under patriarchy, which means that women’s subjugation is “structural”, and that they, women, constitute a discrete oppressed class. Read More…