About Us

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We are the latest (ish) addition to the chattering of the online classes. Imagine Athena is an interdisciplinary magazine dedicated to people, ideas and culture. In these parts you’ll find a mixture of philosophy, personal stories, culture, politics and current affairs.


We exist to celebrate all the wonderful human virtues of imagination, achievement, intellect and beauty, that are so often denigrated in a culture suffused with stunted political ideologies.

We believe that a thriving economy and culture is not achieved solely through government policy handed down to the citizenry from on high (though good governance plays an important role), but begins with ordinary people cultivating liberty and excellence in their own lives.

Therefore, we are opposed to political ideas and movements which create victimhood narratives and encourage people to feel weak, oppressed and that they have no control over their destiny.

We are also highly critical of Political Correctness, which restricts speech and  prevents people from honestly and openly discussing difficult subjects with each other, creating a stagnant intellectual culture governed by fear, dishonesty and suspicion.

We imagine Athena, a philosopher warrior imbued with great wisdom, strength and dignity.

We’re still very much a work in progress, of which you, dear reader, will form an integral part.

Our regular contributors are:

Left to Right: Candice Holdsworth, Founder and Editor; Robin Gilbert-Jones, Contributing EditorImagine Athena Contributors