Waking from the London Dream

Yesterday I worked my last day in the London office and took my last tube journey home to my now empty house.

(First published on Wry Republic (Athena’s predecessor) in April 2013.)

With all the planning, stress and admin of departure behind me, the excitement is only now really beginning to take hold, though even now it is more of an awareness of an exciting scenario than a visceral sensation. In some ways life is still business as usual.

London has a timeless quality that I am gradually being released from day-by-day. It is a city where change is the only constant which, paradoxically, shrouds one’s awareness of transience, leaving one in a state of perpetual now. This may be what made me averse to change and caused me to tarry so long in making the necessary arrangements to leave.

This place has been like a great psilocybin trip, a glorious but exhausting six-year fever dream. And I am just now waking up.

Robin has a background in the UK, South Africa, and the Middle-East. A keen follower of international current affairs, he holds a Masters degree in Global and Comparative Politics. He is a contributing editor to On Netflix Now. Follow him on Twitter @Robin_GJ