Top Dissident Academics

It is common knowledge just how widespread intolerance and anti-intellectual groupthink has become on university campuses. One of the most worrying things about this phenomenon is how it is aided and abetted by academics and university lecturers, whether by their active encouragement or conspicuous silence.

There are, however a few who have risked their careers to speak out against political correctness on campus. I’ve put together a short list of some of the most well known ones:



Jordan B. Peterson

Peterson is a Professor and Clinical Psychologist at the University of Toronto. He is a fierce proponent of free speech and recently came to prominence after protesting the use of “compelled gender neutral pronouns” at U of T.


Gad Saad

Saad is an evolutionary behavioural scientist at the John Molson School of Business in Montreal. He publishes a highly influential YouTube vlog “The Saad Truth” in which he critically discusses numerous topical subjects, including the campus scourges of safe spaces and trigger warnings.


Camille Paglia

Paglia is a Professor of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She has long described herself as a “dissident feminist” who, like Janice Fiamengo, is critical of the radical feminist turn towards theories of male predation and female victimhood. As an outspoken social critic she has engaged in several high-profile disagreements with celebrity feminists such as Gloria Steinem and Susan Sontag.

Candice Holdsworth

Candice Holdsworth is the founder and editor of Imagine Athena. It is mythologised that she sprang fully formed from its pages. Candice has an MSc in Political Philosophy from the London School of Economics, and thus can be most commonly found discussing ideas and culture. Her writing can also be found on Thought Leader and On Netflix Now. Follow her on Twitter @CandiceCarrie and Instagram @candicecholdsworth

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