Top Dissident Academics

It is common knowledge just how widespread intolerance and anti-intellectual groupthink has become on university campuses. One of the most worrying things about this phenomenon is how it is aided and abetted by academics and university lecturers, whether by their active encouragement or conspicuous silence.

There are, however a few who have risked their careers to speak out against political correctness on campus. I’ve put together a short list of some of the most well known ones: Read More…

Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan Show

The dissident Canadian academic Jordan Peterson was recently interviewed on the Joe Rogan podcast where he spoke about his struggles against all-pervasive political correctness and ideological conformity at the University of Toronto.

The clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at U of T recently made international headlines when he refused to use “gender neutral” pronouns, what he terms “compelled pronouns”.

In a wide-ranging interview, which covered numerous issues including safe spaces, trigger warnings, and no-platforming, Peterson argues that true intellectual diversity is no longer tolerated on modern university campuses, and even says that he believes university does more harm than good. One profound point that he makes is that you do not  make a person stronger by shielding them from challenging ideas, you actually make them weaker.






The Best of #TrudeauEulogies

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has been much teased on Twitter for his anodyne tribute to the late Cuban ruler Fidel Castro, who passed away on Friday. Trudeau issued a statement in which he referred to the controversial Castro as a “remarkable leader”.

In response, Twitter users have been riffing all weekend on his words. I’ve put together a compilation of some of the funniest ones.

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Identity Politics Is Poison

Earlier this week a deeply unpleasant video emerged which showed a group of white nationalists praising Donald Trump whilst throwing nazi salutes.

It serves as an ugly reminder of just how awful racialised politics is. We live in an era in which identity politics is ascendant. It dominates public discourse. From both ends of the political spectrum we get victimhood narratives and identity obsession, with one side fuelling the other.

It is very important that we move beyond the divisive and damaging politics of polarization.

When you try to play the game of identity politics. No one wins. You just leave a toxic legacy for future generations to have to deal with.

For those of us who are opposed to political correctness, language policing and identity politics, we cannot – in the words of Christopher Hitchens – allow the extremist tail to wag the whole dog.

The solution to poisonous identity politics is not more identity politics.

Let’s hope, instead, for an outbreak of common sense.

In this week’s Imagine Athena podcast Candice Holdsworth spoke to Robin Gilbert-Jones, contributing editor to Imagine Athena, about the identity politics of the Regressive Left in the time of Donald Trump, and she also reflects on the identity politics of the far right.



Why Have We Stopped Investing In The Future?



“What happened to the future? We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters,” laments the online manifesto of the San Francisco venture capitalists, Founders Fund, headed up by billionaire technology investor Peter Thiel.

That seems a strange thing for a company based on the West Coast of America to say. After all, isn’t that the part of the world that is busy inventing the future?

What seemed even stranger was when Thiel, a well-known libertarian, took to the stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention to endorse Donald Trump and bemoan stagnation in the US economy.

In his speech to the GOP faithful, he spoke of flat wages, low productivity, increasing levels of indebtedness and stalling growth.

He argued that, though significant progress in communications and computer technology has made Silicon Valley prosper and him rich, it has obscured a dismal lack of technological innovation in America since the 1970s. Innovation, usually the muscular driver of monetary expansion, has largely withered away.

Five months later, promising a radical shake-up of the economic status quo, Donald Trump won the US election after turning long neglected, rust-belt states, like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, from blue to red. Read More…

Why I’m Happy Trump Won

On the Imagine Athena podcast we interviewed five different people, from all over the world, who are pleased that Donald Trump won the US election.

Not all of them would have necessarily voted for him and their reasons varied, but the one common theme that did emerge is that they felt his victory to be a powerful strike against the Regressive Left, so-called “social justice” and identity politics. You may disagree with them, but it’s important that you listen to what they have to say


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Interview With Cathy Young

In the Imagine Athena podcast we interview the well-known American political journalist Cathy Young. We discuss antisemitic memes and how the political correctness, intolerance and identity politics of the regressive Left is giving rise to the new identity politics of the Right. We also talk about the US election and Young argues that now more than ever we need to stand up for free expression and individual liberty.




Why Have Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Been Smeared As Extremists?


If a case study were needed to showcase the rot in the modern left’s moral compass, the deterioration of the Southern Poverty Law Centre into a megaphone for regressive shills and fascist extremists provides such an instructive example.

As many will know from the mercifully vocal backlash, the SPLC recently published a “Field Guide to anti-Muslim Extremists” which included, among others, Muslim reformer and anti-extremist activist, Maajid Nawaz. This is not the first time I have had to defend Nawaz in print against the degradations of deformed self-righteous leftism, so I shan’t repeat myself at too much length as to his history and importance as a voice of reason in this most divisive issue of religious extremism. Suffice it to say that an organisation that once stood firm against the scourge of racism in the American South, now sees fit to smear as an “anti-Muslim extremist”, an anti-extremism activist who publically defends democratic, secular and liberal values at great cost to his own personal safety from both Jihadi fascists and white racist thugs (with whom he has a history of violent run-ins since childhood). The snake is no longer eating itself, it has concluded its meal, vanished down its own oesophagus and is now moving onto the cheese and brandy course. Read More…

Welcome to Dystopia University


I didn’t go to university to have my preconceptions challenged, or to open myself to weird knowledge and dangerous ideas. I wasn’t seeking to push my personal boundaries or take intellectual risks. It’s not that I don’t think those are valuable experiences, it’s just that such things can be done by anyone, anywhere, without the empty validation of a reading list and a final exam.

University life wasn’t that far removed from not-university life anyway—sure, there were a few misanthropic left-radicals who were angry and judgmental, but they were an avoidable fringe. Not many people were trying to force your worldview, show off about correcting social justice or, even worse, blame you for social injustice. If there were people like that, they were easily ignored from the depths of the SU bar.

Which is why the current state of politically correct academic culture is so troubling. Ideological fanatics, with the backing of fully complicit college authorities, are fostering a campus environment that looks far removed from the norms of everyday life. In this sealed-off, Lord of the Flies echo chamber irrational ideas are being allowed to exert control, and it’s all been officially signed off at the top. Read More…